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 Buffy recently had an amazing experience singing  "Miss Donnithorne's Maggot" for Jacaranda Music with Ryan Dudenbostel (conductor) and an amazing instrumental ensemble.

Dress rehearsal


Review from Classical Voice North America:

"Mezzo-soprano Buffy Baggott — which serendipitously rhymes with “Maggot” — put on a performance that can only be described as an overwhelming tour-de-force. Clad in a bedraggled wedding gown and train, occasionally reclining on a deliberately ratty-looking Victorian sofa, Baggott twisted her opulent voice into various loony states, drawing out the words, dominating yet not drowning out the clearly-etched chamber group led by Ryan Dudenbostel. Often, she made her character seem unbalanced and stark raving mad to a frightening degree."

                                                              - Richard S. Ginell



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Continents End  (recording and disc)

“Anderson-Bazzoli employs a largely tonal approach, with varied musical characterizations… the work is very well crafted. It’s gracious for the voice and engaging for the piano. Mezzo-Soprano Buffy Baggott has a warm sound and elegant phrasing. She manages the varied challenges of the work seamlessly and without strain, allowing the poetry to speak its magic. Kevin North proves to be an alert and sensitive piano accompanist, never overshadowing the vocal line. This is a fine contribution to the art-song canon—one that should prove widely appealing for listeners.”

—Arlo McKinnon, Opera News

While Robinson Jeffers (1887–1962) is one of America’s most important 20th-century poets, relatively few composers have set his lean, emotive and enigmatic verses.Composer Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli, like Jeffers a Californian with deep ties to the Monterey-Carmel area, has met the challenge with his expansive song cycle Continent’s End. The work successfully captures nine poems in which Jeffers, in characteristic fashion, combined striking nature imagery with powerful metaphysical musings and depictions of humankind’s transitory, conflicted role in the planet’s future.Continent’s End is vividly brought to life on this recording by two outstanding performers who call the Bay Area home — mezzo-soprano Buffy Baggott and pianist Kevin Korth.

             SFCV Editors' Choice Local Composers, 2019                


Listening to Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli’s CONTINENT’S END I was struck by how both its music and its interpreters, the fine mezzo-soprano Buffy Baggott and her equally accomplished partner, pianist Kevin Korth perfectly embrace the text of the nine poems of Robinson Jeffers in the cycle. From the opening Granite and Cypress to the closing Evening Ebb, Bazzoli’s music perfectly embodies with its unpredictable harmonic twists and turns and its multi-tonality Jeffers’ hyper-masculine, pantheistic, often erotic poetry.

It would have been predictable to select a lower male voice to sing this music, but the surprising choice of mezzo-soprano Buffy Baggott yielded great results: her voice supple, strong at both ends of her wide range, generous in the middle register, and impressively powerful in the climactic moments of the music.

With Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli as producer, Leslie Ann Jones as recording engineer, and pianist Kevin Korth as Baggott’s compliant yet firm partner, the DELOS CD 3567 makes for interesting listening.

    Raphael de Acha, Rafael's Music Notes                           


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