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Tetka - Jenufa, San Francisco Opera: 2016

Chorus - San Francisco Opera: 2016

Dulcinee - Don Quichotte, Island City Opera: 2017

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Buffy recently had an amazing experience singing  "Miss Donnithorne's Maggot" for Jacaranda Music with Ryan Dudenbostel (conductor) and an amazing instrumental ensemble.


Dress rehearsal


Review from Classical Voice North America:

"Mezzo-soprano Buffy Baggott — which serendipitously rhymes with “Maggot” — put on a performance that can only be described as an overwhelming tour-de-force. Clad in a bedraggled wedding gown and train, occasionally reclining on a deliberately ratty-looking Victorian sofa, Baggott twisted her opulent voice into various loony states, drawing out the words, dominating yet not drowning out the clearly-etched chamber group led by Ryan Dudenbostel. Often, she made her character seem unbalanced and stark raving mad to a frightening degree."

                                                              - Richard S. Ginell



Recent Reviews


Lulu, West Edge Opera

"A fine video by Jeremy Knight described the arrest of Lulu for murdering Schön, and her escape from prison with the help of the Countess Geschwitz, fervently sung by Buffy Baggott."

                                          - Jeff Dunn, SFCV

"...mezzo-soprano Buffy Baggott was a self-possessed and ultimately tragic figure as Countess Geschwitz, the mannish lesbian who also succumbs to Lulu’s erotic power."

                                            - Joshua Kosman, SF Gate

"...Buffy Baggott conferred strength on Lulu's occasional lover, the world-weary Countess Geshwitz..."

                                             - Georgia Row, San Jose Mercury News

La Ciocara, San Francisco Opera

"...while Buffy Baggott almost stole the show as the clueless Italian mother who can never think beyond bring the next course of dinner to the table."

                                               - Stephen Smoliar, SF Examiner


"Playing his oblivious mother Maria, Buffy Baggott provided good contrast with her plummy mezzo, creating a memorably befuddled comic character."

                                               - James Shore, CNY Cafe Momus


"Buffy Baggott did a fine job with the thankless, comic role of Maria, Sciortino's mother, who doesn't notice the Nazis making off with one of her dinner guests." 

                                              - Lisa Hirsch, SFCV


"Buffy Baggott, as Sciortino’s mother, Maria, countered high stakes at the dinner table with comic obliviousness..."

                                             - James Bash, OperaPulse


Sweeney Todd, Hawaii Opera Theater

"Baggott plunges into her role as the enigmatic Mrs. Lovett. “The Worst Pies in London” is so comical and “By the Sea” so charming, one may temporarily forget how diabolical her character is."

                                            - Jane Kerns, Honolulu Pulse


The Consul, Opera Santa Barbara

"You need to listen to the heart-wrenching and human-affirming arias like “Shall We Ever See?” sung magnificently by Mother (Buffy Baggott)..." 

                                              - Joseph Miller, Santa Barbara Independent


Turn of the Screw, West Edge Opera

"Mezzo-soprano Buffy Baggott was a tonally lustrous and dramatically adept Miss Jessel."

                                               - Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle


"Buffy Baggott's plush mezzo-soprano was an asset as the insinuating and uncommonly glamorous Miss Jessel."

                                                  - Georgia Rowe, San Jose Mercury News

Sweeney Todd, St. Petersburg Opera

"In Buffy Baggott and Peter Kendall Clark, this cast has a Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd who not only sang gorgeously (especially Clark) but also displayed the dramatic range and comic timing (especially Baggott) to turn the blackness of the tale into something transcendent. Everything came together in the pair's madcap tour de force, A Little Priest, in which unspeakable material (Mrs. Lovett's pies made from entrails of Todd's murder victims) became the stuff of exhilarating song and dance."


                                                             - John Fleming, Tampa Bay Times



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